What is izzymarket?

It is modern online marketplace where you can sell or buy different sneakers, clothing and much more. There are new but also second- hand stuff for great prices. Everything goes through us, where we are checking if it is 100% original. After we check if everything is alright and authentic, we send you suitably packaged package by express courier. So, you don’t have to worry about buying a fake stuff from us. All you need to do is find yourself something you like and order it. Everything else is on us.

How it works?


How to sell on izzy-market?

This is our new project, and you can be part of it! All you need is to have some sneakers, clothing, or accessories at home, which you don´t wear anymore, and you want to sell it to someone. You need to take good pictures o f the product. Fill in a short form (which you find„here“ “), and you send us the form together with the pics. After receiving this we will put it on our website. Once your item is sold, we will reach out to you so you can send us your product. Your job now is to suitably package your product, take it to the delivery point (post office) and send it. Once we receive your package, we check its condition, authenticity, and size, and if everything corresponds with the item description you wrote in the form. If everything is alright, we send money to your bank account. In case your item description in the form didn´t match the real product, you send us, we will reach out to you and send it back to you.

How to buy on izzy-market?

This is our new project, where you can find various sneakers, clothing and much more for great prices.

Shopping is the same as you are used to. You choose a product, put it in the shopping cart and pay. Nothing new.

After that you don’t have to worry, we will mediate everything for you.
We receive package from the seller, check authenticity, so you don’t have to worry it´s fake, condition and size.

If is everything as the seller stated in the form, we send the package to your address. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram ;)

Once you grow up from it or you just get bored, don’t forget that you can easily sell them to someone else on izzymarket.


Benefits of using:

Originality check
100% guarantee of originality
Condition check
Next day delivery
No worries about sale
Complete mediation of sale and purchase
Wide selection of products
You send us your product after it's sold
Verified shop-seller with rich history
Free gift to to every order

Do you want to make sure yourself? Check our SHOP or Market!